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This guide contains 12 recommendations on how to design pilot projects with scaling up in mind, as

well as a checklist that provides a quick overview of the scalability of a project that is being planned,

proposed, or in the process of implementation. Based on a combination of a comprehensive review

of multiple literatures, field experience and a conceptual framework, the guide is intended for use by

researchers, policy-planners, programme managers, technical-assistance providers, donors and others

who seek to ensure that pilot or other programmatic research is designed in ways that lead to lasting

and larger-scale impact. It is written with reference to the health field but its recommendations can

be applied to other areas as well. In this guide, pilot or field tests include demonstration projects,

implementation or operations research, tests of policy changes, proof-of-concept studies, etc. The

guide is deliberately brief and can stand alone, but using it in conjunction with other ExpandNet/

World Health Organization (WHO) resource materials will be helpful.

This guide was written by members of the ExpandNet Secretariat, consisting of Ruth Simmons,

the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Partners in Expanding Health Quality

and Access; Peter Fajans, Department of Reproductive Health and Research (RHR) of the World

Health Organization; and Laura Ghiron, Partners in Expanding Health Quality and Access.

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